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Adrianna Astle

Adrianna Astle is a Teacher Librarian, former Tech Coach and Teacher. She is a Kiwi who has been fortunate enough to live in England, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A Google Trainer and Innovator, Apple Teacher and lifelong learner. Also, a dog hoarder.

Anju Dutt

Anju Dutt is a Senior Librarian, Co-tutor middle school, CAS Supervisor and Advisor with Pathways School, Noida. She has 15 yrs of experience in local and International curricula with a Masters degree in Library and Information science and Philosophy. She has been certified from IB workshops and courses in Academic Integrity values, skills, action. Read More

Brenda Brusegard

Brenda Brusegardis is Head of the Secondary Library at Oberoi International School. In addition to her role as the librarian, she is also the Personal Project Coordinator for grade 10, including working with 110 students and 70 teachers. She likes to go on walks with her dog, read books, and travel in her free time.

Brinda Pandit

Brinda Pandit is an ardent reader and enjoys what she does, and is ready to face challenges and learn from them. She can connect with people. She is an accomplished PYP Teacher Librarian with over 14 years of successful work experience. As a confident communicator, she looks forward to being with children and makes sincere efforts to connect with them.

Chaitali Shirali

Chaitali Shirali is a Teacher Librarian at Ecole Mondiale World School. She teaches Information Literacy to Preschool to Grade 4. She is passionate about picture books and organizes resources to support teaching and learning. She loves travelling, music and reading.

Deepti Arora

Deepti Arora is a PYP Librarian with Pathways School Noida, UP, India for the past 7 years. She is passionate about picture books and loves to tell stories to children through creative engagements and empower them as readers. She collaborates with teachers to support the school curriculum. She believes in versatility and takes all possible opportunities to hone her skills.

Devanshi Joshi

Devanshi Joshi is an educational technology and media specialist at the American School of Bombay (Elementary School). Passionate about integrating technology in the classroom, she collaborates with teachers across divisions and subject areas to enhance meaningful learning experiences for students. She is a google certified educator (Level 2) and Apple teacher and also enjoys designing and practicing yoga.

Gizelle Rodrigues

Gizelle Rodrigues is a librarian with 15 years at the American School of Bombay. She believes that one’s creativity always shines through when you tie reading and writing. Everyone has a story, and every story is essential. Stories connect all. And that’s why it’s essential to write and share, giving voice and choice to students and the entire school community. She enjoys writing and is enthusiastic about empowering one with building writing skills. She is the Associate Head of Read Bloom Books.

Kamini Yashwante

Kamini Yashwante holds a Bachelor’s and a Masters Degree in Library and Information Science. She is a passionate librarian with a rich experience of over nine years in an IB World School. She has been teaching Information and Media Literacy skills, curating resources, and is a Personal Project Coordinator for the past four years. She is optimistic, honest and passionate about her profession and looks forward to an enriching and stimulating journey of the 21st-century librarian.

Ketki Bedekar

Ketki Bedekar is a Teacher Librarian with three years of experience. She holds a Master’s degree in Library Science. She is passionate about reading and stories. She also likes to curate resources for students and teachers; collaborate, and learn various tech tools. She is a Core team member of the Librarian Association.

Kuntal Bhandare

Kuntal Bhandare holds a Masters in Library and Information Science. She has over 19 yrs of experience as a school librarian working with different local and international boards. She presently holds a position as an Extended Essay Coordinator and a Secondary Librarian at Ecole Mondiale World School. She is an active member of the International collaboration of Extended Essay group and the Liferarian Association.

Lamiya Bharmal

Lamiya Bharmal is a PYP Librarian and Information Literacy teacher at Stonehill International School for the past 10 years. She has been a homeroom teacher as well. Her teaching journey started in 2001. She has completed her B.Ed, MA, PGCEi and Making Thinking Visible course. Originally from Mumbai now settled in Bangalore.

Mangala Ganesh

Mangala Ganesh holds a Diploma, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science. She has over 18 years of rich experience setting up and managing the school and college library systems for various educational institutions in Bangalore. She is an Associate Head of Read Bloom Books. She led a session at ‘Liferarian Virtual conference 2020’. She has been honoured with the BSLA TrailBlazer award 2019, Teacher Award 2019 at Silver Oaks International School during Teachers day. She won the second prize in a video presentation of her work at V-Samvad: Library Colloquium 2021.

Mythily B.

Mythily B. is a Media Specialist and School Librarian. As a passionate Librarian, she believes in Neil Gaiman’s quote, “Google will bring you back a hundred thousand answers but a Librarian will bring you back the right one.” She loves reading and is eager to explore & learn. She enjoys supporting students, collaborating with teachers and curating resources for the school community. She has five years of experience as an administrative librarian and 2 years as a Teacher Librarian with IB Schools. Aside from teaching, she loves to dance & play frisbee. She is an active member of Global Shapers Chennai & a core team member of the Librarian Association.

Rozmeen Saifee

Rozmeen Saifee has been a passionate Teacher Librarian since 2013, always ready to explore, learn and share. With a Degree in English Literature, reading has always been my passion, and storytelling is her forte. Therefore, planning, teaching, and evaluating reading or writing instructions for students has been her main interest. Honest and passionate in her profession. She is always ready to take up new challenges, and she says that she loves what she does and does what she loves.

Ruchi Mahale

Ruchi Mahale is a PYP Information and Media literacy teacher at Oberoi International School, JVLR campus, Mumbai. She is also a Technology Integrationist. This is her 4th year working in this position. She is an Apple Teacher, a Google Certified Educator (level 1) and a Seesaw Ambassador. She designs research models and implements the process in the classroom.She holds professional development sessions for the teachers at her school. She has been a mentor to grade 5 students for two consecutive years during their PYP exhibition and integrates educational technology in primary school.

Sanjukta Sikder

Sanjukta Sikder is a Middle and High School Teacher Librarian and a Literacy Researcher. She has been working with JBCN International School, Oshiwara, Mumbai for the past 6 years. She closely supports learners, curates resources, and collaborates with teachers to facilitate teaching and learning. She keeps herself updated and relevant with various professional development courses and also from her network of fellow Librarians. She is a marathoner and loves morning runs on holidays.

Seema Goyal

Ms. Seema Shiv Goyal currently serves at Pathways School, Noida as a Teacher Librarian and a zealous storyteller. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature & Computer Science. With over 11+ years of experience in teaching English, imparting personality development and VNA training. Storytelling remains her ultimate forte. She works closely with students and aspires young writers. She connects promptly when it comes to working and planning collaboratively with teachers. She is a curious lifelong learner who believes learning is a never ending process.

Tahera Kinkhabwala

Tahera Kinkhabwala is a Teacher Librarian, and works mainly with MYP & DP. She has been with Fountainhead School in Surat, since the past 13 years and working as a Teacher Librarian for the past 9 years. She works with Grades 7-12, promoting reading through various talks and activities to guide the students to become enthusiastic readers. She exposes students to a range of genres, authors, and reading experiences. Read More