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Conversation: Librarians in Multifaceted Roles

Rajani Roy

Pledge Harbor International School, Bangladesh.

Rajani Roy started her career as an English teacher but found her true calling in life when she took on the librarian’s role. She moved on to different schools and various curricula but continued her quest to provide the best possible library experience to the students. While working, she managed to do her post-graduation in Library and Information Science. She has been associated with the International Baccalaureate Curriculum for the past ten years. Besides playing the role of a librarian, she has donned multiple hats of Extended Essay Coordinator and Personal Project Coordinator. Currently, she is the MYP Coordinator at Pledge Harbor International School, Bangladesh.

Saleth Premson

Stonehill International School, India.

Saleth Premson currently serves as the Teacher-Librarian and EAL- Literacy, Digital Citizenship & Homeroom Teacher with Stonehill International School, Bangalore. With over 13+years of experience in IB education, Saleth holds a Masters in Library & Information Science and Applied Psychology with a Teaching diploma and certifications in Supporting EAL students, IPR, and Digital Citizenship. Currently, he is pursuing an IB Educator PGDIE course from Christ University, Bangalore. He is a curious learner who likes to challenge himself with innovative teaching-learning strategies and stays ahead of the curve. While he enjoys supporting students, he is equally excited about cycling, organic cooking, and reading.

Sajani Nair T.R.

Bhavan’s Vidyashram, India.

Sajani Nair T.R. is a Librarian at the Bhavans Vidyashram, Chelembra. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics, Masters in English Lit, Masters in Library Science, NET, HDCS, Sahityacharya and is presently pursuing a Major in Psychology. Besides her role as a librarian, she is part of the Academic Committee, CCA, Member of the Editorial Board, School Radio Head, Quiz Master and a Support for Adolescent Education Team.

Shirley Miranda

Goldcrest International School, India.

Shirley Miranda With no experience in Library Science, in 2000, she started her career as an Honorary Librarian for WWF for a month then moved on to a college in Vasai to get a Degree. She later joined as a Media Specialist /Librarian in the corporate sector for two years but realized if she wanted to continue to function as a professional Librarian, it must align with her love for books and children. She moved to education. Since then, she has not looked back and worked in national and international curriculums. She got the opportunity to work in Bangkok for four years which gave her an insight into IB Education. Since then, she has worked as a secondary school librarian, mostly IBDP at the Goldcrest International School. Her dream is to start a mobile library in remote areas of India to spread the joy of reading.