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Welcome to the Liferarian Blog!

You are invited to write on the Liferarian blog as guests, as liferarian members, fellow librarians or educators from any sphere. Blogs are an important part of professional growth. Liferarian being a collaboration project intends to provide an opportunity to communicate and share the excellent work you are doing each day. 

Each week, the blog post will showcase different aspects of a librarians reflections, or an event, a lesson plan, an idea, new tech tools, or a teaching strategy that a librarian has used during their lessons.

Librarians role has evolved from a bookkeeper to that of an Information and Media Specialist, and an Educational Professional who sparks the child’s ability and confidence to engage with language and help them communicate meaningfully in a variety of ways using social and cultural systems. As librarians, we know that learning takes place in a multimodal format and we can leverage this to support learners.

Librarians inspire students reading and writing through read-aloud stories, myths, legends, folklore, modern picture books, ebooks and more. They help students learn ethical use of information, the meaning of media to inquire and create. They help them learn the art of navigating the web world safely and efficiently. Librarians are now using the library as a publishing platform, giving a choice and a voice to all writers. They are incorporating 3D technology tools to help students to learn and create.

Every librarian’s main aim is to enhance students learning journey either through the heart or the head. Librarians try their best to meet the needs of the learner in their quest. A school without a Librarian is like the Internet without Google.

On behalf of the Liferarian Group, we extend our invitation to share your experience, tips or tools, and volunteer to be a part of our learning world. We would love to hear about your experience. Please showcase your strengths, your highs, your ideas and/or thoughts. Your blog post will help inspire others and help spark new ideas and interests. Please write to, and we will be in touch with you.

– Post by Heeru Bhojwani


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