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1 Day Liferarian Conference 2nd December 2023

Workshops for Librarians from all boards – ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE & IB

A glimpse into the Liferarian Conclave in July 2023 & Liferarian Conference 2022

Theme: Libraries as Creative Spaces: Fostering Learning and Collaboration

Saturday, 6th July, 2024

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

(Indian Standard Time)

Registration is open

The Early Bird Registration fee is INR 2000

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  • Exchange of best practices.
  • To provide opportunities for Librarians to share and learn through collaboration.
  • To provide opportunities to aspire and blossom through lifelong learning.

1-Day Conference

Workshops at this upcoming conference promise to be a comprehensive and engaging experience, delving into seven critical topics. Participants can look forward to discussions on research skills, highlighting effective information-gathering and analysis strategies. The workshop will also spotlight the invaluable collaborative role of librarians in supporting students and offering vital skills and resources. Attendees will gain insights into integrating technology and AI in education its impact on literacy development and explore new pedagogical practices. Furthermore, the workshop will emphasize the significance of readalouds, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of essential ways to build library collections.

Keynote Speaker

Mridula Koshy is a member of the Free Libraries Network’s Steering Committee. She is also a community organizer and Managing Trustee of The Community Library Project, which runs three free libraries in Delhi, NCR for over 10,000 library members. She is also the author of Bicycle Dreaming (Speaking Tiger), Not Only the Things That Have Happened (Harper Collins India) and If It Is Sweet (Tranquebar Press). The Community Library Team believes libraries are the fuel for imagination, a sanctuary for questioning voices, and catalysts for change. They are the Oxygen for thinking minds. And they should be free to harbor and nourish free thought. For far too long, India’s people, a large majority of them, have been denied access to reading books. They have been kept away from equal information. Without free libraries to provide access to communities across India, we cannot imagine an equitable society.

Equality of opportunity is written in our Constitution. Libraries connect communities, make them stronger, and pave the way for a land of freedom and equality. They should be open to all, and they need to be free.

Workshop Details Here

The Power of Picture Books

with Brinda Pandit

During this presentation, the presenter will share how to use picture books to promote visual literacy, build critical thinking, reading between the text, spark imagination, build on values, attitudes and make connections with the curriculum and use picture books as an opportunity to develop and reinforce communication skills.

Brinda Pandit-Trivedi is an accomplished Teacher Librarian with over 17 years of experience working with the IB Board. She possesses a deep passion for reading and a genuine enthusiasm for her work. Her innate ability to connect with people and embrace new ideas positions her as an ideal educator and a supportive colleague. Read More

Brinda Pandit Trivedi 

The Power of Choice – Increasing Student Engagement (Middle School)

with Deepti Ganesh

This session will provide a structured library orientation program that will introduce students to the library through browsing games and lead them to think more deeply about their reading. It will describe practical ways to ensure that students build their own reading identity. And, empowering students to browse in the library can be a great starting point for students to learn the basics of research. Read More

After a brief career in Computer Science Engineering following the completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Deepti made a deliberate shift into a field that had always held her heart – the world of books. She now serves as a Senior School Librarian at an IB school, accumulating two years of invaluable experience in this domain. Read More

Harnessing Library Reports to Drive Data Informed Decisions

with Gaurav Bisht

Do you often think about efficient use and monitoring of your library materials? How can you back your planning and decision making with data using your library management system? In this workshop we will explore how to use the reporting system embedded in our library management software to answer questions such as, what library materials to order/reorder, what to weed and Read More

Gaurav Bisht has been a dedicated member of the American Embassy School community since 2011. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and another Bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Sciences. Gaurav brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles at Dell Inc. and Hindustan Computers Ltd (HCL). Read More

Dynamic visuals to promote your library collection 

with Karamjit Kaur and Mamta Maurya

In this workshop, you will be able to discover and explore the world of library signage and displays. We will delve into practical strategies for promoting and marketing your library’s vast collection of valuable information, essential services, and exciting events. Prepare to gain insights on creating captivating and dynamic library displays, uncovering innovative ways to promote your library’s services, and discover helpful tips and tricks for maximizing your library’s visibility and reach.

Karamjit (Jit) brings over two decades of experience, combining her professional journey in both classroom and library environments at ISKL. Currently, Jit holds the position of Tech Officer at the MS/HS Library within the American Embassy School, New Delhi. Read More

Mamta Maurya serves as an Administrative Assistant at the American Embassy School in New Delhi. With a professional journey encompassing over three years in the corporate sector and an impressive eleven years dedicated to elementary library services, Mamta brings a wealth of experience to her role. Read More

Research Skills to Primary School Students 

with Ketki Bedekar

In the present times, it is important to equip students with essential research skills from an early age. In today’s information-rich world, these skills are vital for success in academics and life. This workshop is designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and resources you need to teach and inspire your students to conduct effective research while nurturing their natural curiosity.

Ketki Bedekar, currently serving as a teacher librarian for the PYP program at Ecole Mondiale World School, is deeply passionate about the world of literature, with a special affinity for Indian picture books. Her commitment to the educational field extends to a keen interest in various technological applications, Read More

DEIJ and Collection Development 

with Marion Whisnant, Teena Pennefather and Rebecca Semrick 


As global educators, we pride ourselves on being accepting, open-minded, and eager to learn from others. In the session, we will work to ensure that our library collections are supporting that mission. Through an exploration of auditing tools, collection development tools, and resource sharing, we aim to provide librarians and teachers with a guide to collecting and using diverse resources that represent a wide range of perspectives and identities. Attendees will also have the opportunity to apply a tool of their choice to their collection and reflect on their learning.

Teena is the Lower Elementary School Librarian at the American International School of Chennai. Rebecca is in her final semester of her master’s in library and information science degree with a certificate in DEIJ and is working on an internship in the high school library. 

Exploring AI Tools: A Hands-On Workshop

with Mythily Iyengar 

This workshop is designed to provide a hands-on experience with AI technology tools. An opportunity to play and learn about some AI tools that will help you generate ideas, posts for your social media. Together, we will discuss the benefits and ethical use of these AI tools.

Mythily Iyengar holds the role of school-wide librarian at The Shri Ram Academy School in Hyderabad. Her extensive background spans experience as both an administrative librarian and a school librarian, reflecting her commitment to assisting students and educators in their research endeavors. Read More

Gizelle Rodrigues serves as a Library Educator at the American School of Bombay, offering her dedicated expertise to the Secondary library for the past 17 years. She holds a pivotal role as one of the Associate Heads at Read Bloom Books, where she envisions the cultivation of literacy in India by promoting the art of reading and writing. Gizelle Rodrigues serves as a Library Educator at the American School of Bombay, offering her dedicated expertise to the Secondary library for the past 17 years. She holds a pivotal role as one of the Associate Heads at Read Bloom Books, where she envisions the cultivation of literacy in India by promoting the art of reading and writing.


Reading Promotion

with Sarah Pickles

Through this presentation, Sarah will share some of the ways she promotes books through dynamic displays, book themed games and activities, social media, lessons etc and the group will have a chance to share successful ways they are promoting reading. She will also share templates participants can use for their own reading promotion.

Sarah is  currently the Elementary Librarian/iCommons Media Specialist at the American School of Bombay. She has  been a librarian for 8 years and this if my third year at ASB. Before that sheI was a librarian and G4 homeroom teacher at JIS in Jakarta and before that worked as a homeroom teacher in West Africa, in Ghana and Togo. Originally from England, it has always been her dream to live and work in India and I am loving it. In my spare time I like to read children’s fiction, plan my travels, go shopping for Indian outfits, and eat delicious Indian food. [/read]


Teaching Research to Secondary School students.

with Srishti Sharma

In today’s information-driven world, equipping students with research and critical thinking abilities is essential for both academic success and personal growth. Our experienced facilitators will provide practical strategies for integrating these skills into the curriculum, helping students analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information effectively. From guiding students in topic selection to teaching them to locate credible sources, this workshop offers a holistic approach to nurturing independent thinkers and ensuring their success in real-life projects. 

Srishti is a passionate IB librarian, driven by a profound commitment to crafting innovative and imaginative reading programs tailored for secondary school students. Her vision includes the development of a meticulously structured reading and writing program that places creative freedom of expression and social-emotional learning at the forefront of educational experiences. Read More

IB Core Extended Essay

Mastering Extended Essay

with Kuntal Bhandare

In this comprehensive session on Extended Essays, participants will gain a deep understanding of the “5W and 1 How” of Extended Essays. The workshop aims to equip educators and librarians with the necessary tools to guide students through the creation of their self-directed 4,000-word research papers. Prepare both yourself and your students for a successful Extended Essay journey as we explore the following key objectives: 

  • Exploring the basics of Extended Essays using the EE guide.
  • Deconstructing the EE criteria for in-depth understanding.
  • Enhancing research skills specific to Extended Essays.
  • Analyzing and evaluating EE samples through the lens of EE criteria.

Kuntal is a founding member of the Liferarian group and a vital contributor as one of the core members to the International Collaboration of Extended Essay group (ICEE). With a Master’s degree in Library Science, Kuntal is a dedicated librarian on a mission to empower fellow librarians by actively participating in the Liferarian association. Read More


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