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1 Day Liferarian Conclave – 2023

Workshops for Librarians from all boards – ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE & IB

A glimpse into the Liferarian Conference 2022

NO on-the-spot registrations at the Shiv Nadar School.

Registrations close on the 4th of July, 2023.

Theme: Lifelong learning through Inquiry & Empathy


  • Exchange of best practices.
  • To provide opportunities for Librarians to share and learn through collaboration.
  • To provide opportunities to aspire and blossom through lifelong learning.

1- day workshop will include the following:

  • Library philosophy & curriculum
  • Building Literacy through reading, writing and building a culture of reading
  • Digital citizenship
  • Technology
  • Information & media literacy
  • Resource curation
  • Publications and more

Keynote Address

Col. Gopal Karunakaran

Col. Gopal Karunakaran is the CEO of Shiv Nadar School. His belief in education being a tool for social transformation has driven him to absorb a rich and diverse experience across all facets of school education, including policy, academic leadership, operations, and business; and has helped him gain important perspectives on the key drivers of the education sector in India.

He has been a member of the National Committee of Education of the Confederation of Indian Industries since 2008.

A graduate of the National Defence Academy, Col. Karunakaran spent thirty years in the Indian Army – ten of which were in the insurgency region of Kashmir, including the Siachen Glacier. While with the Army, he was chosen for the United Nations Mission in Kuwait in a multilateral and multicultural environment.

He is an M.Phil. and an M.A. from the University of Madras. He joined Shiv Nadar Foundation in 2011.

Library Class Activities – From Passive Readers to Active Learners

With Babusha Khare and Monica Chandra

Workshop Description

The workshop includes a hands-on training program to provide librarians with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage and inspire learners through various fun and interactive activities. In this workshop, librarians will learn how to implement literature circles, readers’ theatre, reading cards, and other engaging activities to promote reading, writing, critical thinking, and community engagement. The workshop will also provide handouts of appropriate materials and resources. By attending this workshop, librarians will gain valuable insights and practical tools that will enable them to enhance their library services and promote a love of reading and learning among their students.

Presenter Bio

Babusha Khare has been working as a Head Librarian at City Montessori School, Lucknow, since 2004 and has an experience of 17 Years. As a head librarian, she organizes training programmes for all the Campuses of CMS librarians. She is involved in the reading programme for students of classes I-VIII. She helps in procuring the latest reading material at CMS and helps in the process of updating the libraries. She attended the Children’s Literature Festival in Lahore, Pakistan, in 2013.


Monica Chandra has been working as Primary Librarian at the Rajajipuram campus of City Montessori School since 2013 and has an experience of 12 years. She looks after grades 1-7 and has been instrumental in shaping the school’s reading culture and fostering a love of reading among learners through various library class activities. She is also one of the core members of the editorial board of the school’s library newsletter. Read More

Creating Passionate Readers through Intervention

With Dr. Chhavi Jain

Workshop Description

A properly customized intervention to change one’s perspective about books and reading, combined with a range of books, can make a difference. Generally, task recommendations, summer reading lists, and a daily suggested reading list are shared by the classroom teacher or language teacher. Intervention with personalized book recommendations helps build a good reading relationship. The goal of converting non-readers to readers can be achieved if readers are guided by responsible library staff with a range of good reads in an inevitable open environment. A range of ideas will be shared through the workshop.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Chhavi Jain has an impressive career in the library profession. In 2018, the School Library Association in London, UK awarded her the School Librarian of the Year Award. She also won the Jean Lowrie Leadership Development Award from the International Association of School Librarianship in 2014. Since 2011, Dr. Jain has been a member of the Information Literacy Standing Committee for the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA). Read More

Dive Into Picture Books

With Deepti Arora

Workshop Description

During this session, participants will delve into different ways of using picture books and how they can integrate them with units of inquiry and teach through picture books in the library. Objectives- perspectives and supporting the curriculum.  

Presenter Bio

Deepti Arora is a PYP Librarian for the past 9 years. She is passionate about picture books and loves to share stories with children through creative engagements and empower them as readers. She collaborates with teachers to support the school curriculum and bring in diversity. She believes in versatility and takes all possible opportunities to hone her skills.

Research Skills in Secondary School & Use of AI Tools

With Kuntal Bhandare & Heeru Bhojwani

Workshop Description

Research is a critical skill that middle school students should develop. It helps them learn to think critically, analyze information, and communicate effectively. The importance of research for middle school students is that it helps them develop skills that they will use throughout their academic and professional lives. There are several steps to follow when conducting research for middle school students
The session will focus on activities to teach research skill steps to students and use of AI tools to support inquiry and ethical use of information.

Presenter Bio

Kuntal Bhandare has 20 years of experience as a librarian with five years as an EE coordinator. She is currently a secondary school librarian, EE coordinator, and Team leader at Ecole Mondiale world school Mumbai.
She is one of the founder members of the Liferarian group and one of the core members of the International Collaboration of Extended Essay group (ICEE). She holds a Master’s degree in Library science and is a passionate librarian working towards upskilling librarians through the Liferarian Association.


Heeru Bhojwani has been an iCommons Specialist/Librarian at the American School of Bombay for over 22 years. She is the co-founder of the Liferarian Association. Her articles have been published in Knowledge Quest Article and IBO Blog, describing her belief in supporting the community of librarians, and she has been an Advisor to the School Library Association – First Newsletter – SLAI Scoop FINAL (SLAIndia Newsletter) Vol.1 Issue 1 Oct (002). 2019. She has presented at various International forums like the NESA and ISTE and other National schools about librarians and literacy.

She has collaborated with the Teacher Training Programs at ASB and other organizations. She supports the National Jarul Book Awards giving voice and choice to the students. She believes that the librarian’s role evolves, and it is necessary to have a growth mindset to grow with the school’s vision.

Empowering Your Library with Technology & Social Media & AI as a Game Changer

With Mythily Iyengar & Gizelle Rodrigues

Workshop Description

The “Empowering Your Library with Technology and Social Media” course is designed to help librarians understand the benefits and effective use of technology and social media in the library. It covers topics such as using technology to improve library services, using social media for outreach and engagement, and utilizing technology to increase access to information and resources. The course aims to empower librarians to leverage technology and social media to enhance their library and better serve their communities. Participants will get a glimpse of different AI tools and how they can incorporate AI seamlessly into their lives. The workshop presenters will share AI tools that participants can use in research to create content and discuss the ethics around AI. Please carry your laptop/device to this workshop.

Presenter Bio

Mythily Iyengar is the school-wide librarian at The Shri Ram Academy School in Hyderabad. With a diverse background as both an administrative librarian and school librarian, she is dedicated to supporting students and teachers in their research pursuits. A passionate teacher librarian, she is always eager to explore, learn, and share her knowledge. Read More

Gizelle Rodrigues is a Library Educator at the American School of Bombay for the past 16 years. She is one of the Associate Heads of Read Bloom Books where she envisions building literacy in India through reading and writing. She believes that one’s creativity always shines through when you tie reading and writing.
Read More

Community Library Projects

With Prachi Grover

Workshop Description

Libraries are widely recognized as a force of education, culture, inclusion, and information. But when a people, on the grounds of their caste, class, gender, religious faith, disability, or any other socio-economic or political factors, are refused access to spaces like libraries, they are also denied their right to an informed, educated and dignified life. Reversing that exclusion and injustice is more than just about creating libraries where anyone is ‘allowed’ to become a member; it’s about creating inclusive libraries where justice is practiced. This session will examine how curriculum, best practices, and policies can help create inclusive and just libraries, drawing form the experiences of The Community Library Project, a free library organization in Delhi NCR.

Presenter Bio

Prachi Grover is the Director of The Community Library Project (TCLP) and Curriculum Coordinator of Free Libraries Network (FLN), where she develops and implements a library-based reading curriculum, including programs like reading fluency and read-alouds. She advocates for a free public library system in the country and firmly believes that free, inclusive, and accessible for all libraries are a fundamental institution in a just and equal society. She has done MPhil in Education from the Department of Education, University of Delhi, writing a thesis on the process of children’s response to literature. Her research interests include critical pedagogy, readers’ responses to literature, the teaching of literature, language learning and acquisition, multicultural children’s literature, and education and library policy.

Inclusive Libraries – A step towards inclusion.

With Preeti Sharma

Workshop Description

The famous quote, “Library is a heart of an institution”  by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the II President of India, very well defines the role of academic libraries in the context of Inclusive Education as academic libraries cater to the learning needs of children with diverse abilities. This workshop will give the participants an insight into how inclusive are our school libraries and will apprise them about various steps and best practices to transform their libraries into Inclusive Academic Libraries.

Presenter Bio

Preeti Sharma

Preeti Sharma has been an academic librarian for the past 16 years with renowned schools such as Apeejay School, Pitampura, KR Mangalam World School, Vikas puri,  Nirmal Bhartia School, Dwarka, BGS Vijnatham School, Greater Noida West, and Jaypee Public School, Greater Noida. She is currently working with Sparsh Global School, Greater Noida West. She has gained expertise in setting up a new school library, organizing and classifying the collection, automation and barcoding. Read More

Library as an atelier – Activities that can be done in the Library to complement reading.

With Preeti Tressler

Workshop Description

Using Art as a medium to draw children towards stories. Learning through Art is a philosophy that is deeply embedded in our culture. You will have a taste of how two seemingly disconnected worlds can come together to create magic, and leave a lasting impression on children’s minds.

Presenter Bio

Preeti Tressler has been Working as a Library Educator in Shiv Nadar School, Noida, since 2019. She lives for children’s literature, and nothing brings her more joy than sharing stories that reflect the diversity of our world or lead children toward the path of humanity.

Games are Lit(erature)!

With Rashi Malik

Workshop Description

The present-day learner is torn between a plethora of engaging activities, each vying for their attention because once hooked, they are customers for life. How, then do we help our young learners discover the joy of reading as a form of entertainment above all else? In this ever-dynamic space, how can we guide the students to become thinkers instead of consumers, empathetic listeners rather than misinformed talkers?

Gamification may well be the answer! Building companionship, collaborative learning, discovering books at every reading level – all in the spirit of fun & games! This workshop explores challenges and games that can kindle young readers’ interest and expose them to meaningful literature.

Presenter Bio

Rashi Malik loves stories, reading, listening, narrating, and watching stories told through different media of theatre, puppetry, and cinema. Design education helped her do just that! She could make sense of the world around her and express herself through fabric, colours, silhouettes and patterns.Read More

News Literacy: Critical Reading to Identify Facts

With Sanjukta Sikder

Workshop Description

As misinformation spreads through social media, it has become essential for students to develop critical reading skills to identify facts from fiction. This session will help educators learn practical tips to spot misleading information, determine the credibility of news, and know what to trust and share.

Presenter Bio

Sanjukta Sikder is an IBDP Secondary Teacher Librarian and Literacy Researcher at JBCN International School, Oshiwara, Mumbai. She has worked at International and National Board Schools for over 13 years. She closely supports learners to flourish in a learning community, curates resources and collaborates with teachers to facilitate teaching and learning. Read More

Engagement of the 21st-century learner in our Libraries

With Solomon Raja & Abraar Ahmed

Workshop Description

Today’s learners have speedy access to information thanks to digital resources. Google, Facebook, Instagram, and even Linkedin have the lion’s share of students’ attention. In such a state of affairs, engaging them meaningfully during the library hour is increasingly becoming a superlative task.

As librarians, our purpose is not just limited to introducing them to the enlightening world of great authors but to inspire them to seek the author within. A number of our students are full of emotions. They want to bring a change to the way the world looks at them, as well as want to mark a meaningful impact on the minds of people. Students, once inspired in the right way, come up with a free verse, poetry, travelogue, stories, investigative writeups, and more. Through this workshop, various activities will be shared to help the participants understand themselves as a role of a collaborator.

Presenter Bio

Mr. Solomon Raja has a Master’s Degree in Library Science and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Bishop Heber College, Trichy. He has been working as a Librarian at Shiv Nadar School, Noida, for the last 7 years. Always interested in research and using technology as a tool in making libraries effective centers of learning, he has played a crucial role in organizing library seminars at Shiv Nadar School, Noida. He made a website for the School Library. He is interested in music and plays the piano.


Mr. Abraar Ahmed has his Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics & Science as well as Education from The University of Delhi. He did his Master’s in Mathematics from Vinayaka Mission University, Tamil Nadu. Abraar Ahmed took to teaching Mathematics to school children after having been in the voice process of some US-based BPOs. Abraar also has IB training in Mathematics, Theory of Knowledge, and Extended Essay. Abraar is not only passionate about teaching mathematics but also loves playing the pastoral role of being a life coach to children. Read More

The Science and Art behind creating a Reading Program for Secondary School Students.

With Srishti Sharma

Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to assist librarians in developing their own reading and writing program for secondary school students. Participants will gain insights into the key components of a successful reading and writing program. We will also delve into effective strategies for encouraging students to engage in discussions about their reading. By the end of the workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how to create a reading program that fosters creativity and lifelong learning.

Presenter Bio

Srishti Sharma is a passionate IB librarian with a strong desire to develop innovative and creative reading programs for secondary school students. With a dream of building a structured reading and writing program of her own, she envisions a future where creative freedom of expression and social-emotional learning are at the forefront of education. In addition to her work as a librarian, she is an active partner of the NGO Turning Pages, where she serves as a Senior Program Coordinator and Digital Media Specialist. Read More

Title Empathetic Inquirers

With Nishu Gupta & Pooja Karakoti

Workshop Description

Teaching empathy and inquiry through stories can be a powerful way to help students develop their critical thinking and social-emotional skills. This presentation will give you an insight into how we construct and deliver lessons to meet the above objective.

Presenter Bio

Nishu Gupta has adopted this thought, “Live with reality but dream high !!! when she was a teenager. Since then she believes in it and follows it. She believes in the power of me , you & us together. ‘Ubuntu’ it is. क़िस्से – कहानियों की दुनिया कभी न होती पुरानी , जब भी सुनोगे , शायद बुन लोगे कोई नई रवानी , अफ़साने हों मेरे या तुम्हारे, लिख दोगे तो बन जाएगी कोई नई कहानी … निशु गुप्ता शिव नाडर विद्यालय में कक्षा 6-8 को हिंदी पढ़ाती हैं। भाषाओं से उनका गहरा और पुराना रिश्ता है। कहानियाँ सुनना – सुनाना , बुनना – बताना उनके दिल के बहुत क़रीब है। पढ़ने – पढ़ाने के अलावा नाट्य कला , प्रकाशकों , विद्यालयों के साथ पिछले 14-15 वर्ष से उनका जुड़ाव रहा है।

Pooja Karakoti भाषा शिक्षण के माध्यम से भाषा और समाज के बीच की डोर को जोड़ती हैं। उन्हें कहानियाँ बुनने और सुनने दोनों का शौक़ है। कहानियाँ ऐसी जो जीवन के अनुभव और ज्ञान को गहरा करती हैं। भाषा के साथ औपचारिक रूप से काम करने का लगभग ७ सालों का अनुभव है । उन्होंने स्कूल व स्कूल से बाहर विद्यार्थियों के साथ भाषा से जुड़े कई कार्य किए हैं। कहानी लेखन की कार्यशाला ‘टीचर ऑथर’ में भाग लिया । एक प्रतिष्ठित प्रकाशन के लिए कहानियाँ लिखी और पाठ्यक्रम बनाया आदि । भाषा से जुड़ने और सीखने का यह सिलसिला अभी भी जारी है।