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Exciting New Professional Development Opportunities for Educators and Librarians!

Grow your career: Elevate your expertise

Professional Growth Opportunities

  1. Extended Essay For Librarians: TBD Course Outcomes: Read More
  2. How to teach Research Skills for Primary School Course Outcomes: Read More
  3. How to collaborate and teach Research Skills to MYP and HS students Course Outcomes: Read More
  4. Integrating Tech Tools in the Library Course Outcomes: Read More
  5. Reading strategies to build Thinking Skill: Course Outcomes: Read More
  6. Unleashing the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Work: Course Outcomes: Read More
  7. Understanding the language of illustrations in Picture Books: Course Outcomes: Read More
  8. Empower Students’ Voice and Choice through your Library Classes: Course Outcomes: Read More
  9. Media Literacy: Course Outcomes: Read More
  10. Information Literacy: Course Outcomes: Read More
  11. Exploring AI and other Teaching and Learning Tools: Course Outcomes: Read More
  12. Library Curriculum: Course Outcomes: Read More

To receive a certificate of completion, participants will engage in reflections, responses and assignments.


2 Hours Sessions on Zoom 

Sessions will not be recorded.

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Cohort Dates

To be announced soon 2024


4:00 pm – 6:30 pm IST

Coaches: Liferarian Team

Professional Services

Customized Librarian Training

We customize Library Professional Training including all forms of literacy: reading, writing, information, media and ethical use of information to schools for all boards.

Professional Coaching for Teachers

We offer Professional Coaching to teachers on how to teach research skills to primary and secondary school students while understanding ethical use of information & academic integrity.

Collection Development

We offer to build your library collection to ensure that your library is well-stocked with fiction, nonfiction and eBooks. We will ensure your collection is current, updated to meet the needs of your curriculum.

Liferarian Association is offering courses to empower Librarians & Educators.

For more information, email:

About Liferarian Library Courses

The Liferarian Association Coaching Team proudly presents a comprehensive program designed to elevate the professional development of librarians and support educational institutions in creating dynamic library and learning hubs aligned with National or International Curricula.

Our teacher library workshops are tailored for educators and aspiring individuals seeking to implement cutting-edge, 21st-century strategies that enhance their school communities. Each module covers a broad spectrum of literacy skills, including information and media literacy, understanding copyright, and digital storytelling. Participants will cultivate a growth mindset and acquire the essential skills and knowledge to effectively manage school libraries and deliver impactful lessons in today’s evolving educational landscape. Read More

Payment Details

  • Part of the course fees will go towards building libraries in rural areas.
  • Payment to be made towards – Liferarian Association.
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank, Account Number 5145033999, IFSC: KKBK0001345, Branch: L.J. Road. Mahim. Mumbai 400016.
  • SWIFT code KKBKINBBCPC for International Transfers
  • Please include the bank transaction number in the registration form.