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What’s my story on Library Displays?


Displays using bulletin boards. What does it have to do with the library? Is it a way to promote our new arrivals? Does it make the library a more welcoming place? When I started designing the Library bulletin boards, these questions were on my mind.

In my previous school, we had a big Library team, so each of us had different roles. Then, I was in charge of admin work while my other colleagues worked on Canva, creating attractive bulletin boards, and preparing for the events that were the visible part of the library and a much-appreciated aspect. 

Role of a Library Assistant:

I recently joined Harrow, Hong Kong, a British private school with a rich culture, heritage & history. Now, we are a team of three: the Library Head and 2 Assistant Librarians. As an upper school Assistant Librarian, I provide professional library services to students, staff and parents. 

I have various tasks, but not limited to the check-in checkout counter responsibilities but also helping patrons with queries about books, procuring, processing, and cataloging books/magazines/online journals and databases.

Maintaining and updating the library hub inventory during the summer holidays, liaising with other departments to provide materials for pupils and, creating displays and decking up the bulletin boards to showcase the library as attractive and colorful.

I was excited to start my creative journey on Canva. For the past two months, more than 60 creative artworks have been created in Canva. To name a few: 

  • National Poetry Day
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Deepavali
  • Halloween
  • Genrefication
  • Shelf Classification
  • Different styles of signage
  • Well being

 I am thrilled & feeling proud of my creative designing skills. All opportunities in the library only provide growth and learning. 

Power of a Poetry Display – Relevant, Interactive and Meaningful

As educators/librarians, we always put students first. Displays are engaging, attract attention, and are informative, making the library a friendly environment. 

For example, we did a display for UK poetry day. The Librarian Team clearly stated that the theme we select for the library should be open to all languages & countries and not specific to the UK. The goal was to create students’ interest in poetry and introduce new poets. 

The disp

lay board theme was Pocket Poems. Students used words from the book “The lost words by “Robert Macfarlane to create their poems. The idea was to write a one-line poem using the words. At the end of the day, all the poems collaborated into a single poem.

The pupils exceeded our expectations. We had 90 poems by the end of the day. Participating pupils were given a custom-made bookmark from the Pocket Poems display and merit for their work.

Being an Assistant Librarian has taught me many new skills and opportunities to climb the ladder of professional growth.


By Hema Mathivanan from Harrow International School, Hong Kong



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