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Note to fellow librarians

By 16th July 2019Librarian Role

My Dear Library Professionals,
I thought to share my views on our pro-active Librarianship. I believe in the words of our Mahatma Gandhi – Be the change, which YOU want to see in the world.
To achieve success in our field…
* Take-up the challenges in a positive way.
* Always feel proud about your profession to strengthen your inner conscious.
*Be aware of and be ready to adopt new technologies.
*Connect with different professionals, especially who is in the field of education.
*Make sound abt what you are doing in your field.*
* Share your knowledge and be open-minded for others views
* *Read* as many as you can
* Attend professional development sessions to grow and conduct them with others
*Think creatively
* Be active
* This profession is your choice. So, own it & love it.
* Come out of religious methods.
* Grab the attention towards the library for even non-readers to0.
* Create awareness about reading not only with the students, throughout the community. Influence society!
* Be a role model
* When you prove your self as an extraordinary professional person, definitely the success will be ours.

Photo by Gerd Altmann from Pexels

Good Luck Librarians!
By Mangala Ganesh, Librarian


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