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How can we collaborate with our support staff or support in the library?


Collaboration is an essential aspect of any work environment, and the library is no exception. Support staff play a vital role in keeping the library running smoothly. By working together with them, we can improve the library and empower our support staff to take on more responsibilities and develop their skills. 

One way to collaborate with support staff is by teaching them new skills. For example, we can show them how to create eye-catching displays for the books or how to shelve them properly. We can also teach them how to use computers and other technology, which can help them in their work and even open up new opportunities for them. 

Another way to collaborate with support staff is by giving them ownership of their work. By trusting them with tasks and allowing them to take the lead on projects, we can build their confidence and help them feel more invested in their work. 

It’s also important to value and recognize the contributions of support staff. If we use their ideas or creations in our work, we should give them credit and acknowledge their contributions in front of our colleagues and friends. This motivates them and helps create a culture of collaboration and appreciation in the library. 

Lastly, it’s important to remember that support staff are integral to the library and our daily lives. Collaborating with them improves the library and helps build a positive andwork environment for everyone. As International Baccalaureate always teaches us to give credit to the work and collaborate with all types of people, including our support staff in this process is essential. 

In conclusion, collaborating with support staff in the library can significantly impact the library’s overall success and the development of support staff. We can create a collaborative and supportive work environment that benefits everyone by teaching them new skills, giving them ownership of their work, valuing and recognizing their contributions, and including them in the decision-making process. 

Here are some examples where I have collaborated with my support didi.

Mythilly Iyengar

Teacher Librarian

The Shri Ram Academy


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