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A Paradigm for Educational Change: Librarians


A paradigm for educational change: Librarians

    Image Credit: Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels  “Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written. And guess what? All you have to do is go to the library.” Henri Frederic Amiel.

Yes, well written by Henri Frederic and we have proved it right. 

Role of Librarians

School libraries are the busy hubs of the school because we librarian always provides

  • A safe and welcoming space 
  • Supports and nourishes reading, literacy and technology integration
  • Includes print and digital collections that support multiple literacy levels, abilities, learning styles, and curricula. 

 In fostering a love of reading, the Librarian helps students understand and appreciate the collections; it has become possible as we adapt to new learning needs and new technologies. 

It’s sad to see a job description of a librarian; it always mentions that the role of a librarian is to:

✔ Order and catalogue books

✔ Check books in and out

✔ Reshelve books

✔ Run Accelerated Reader program

✔ Tend library computers

✔ Teach keyboarding

✔ Chair the book fair

Other Librarian Skills

 There is a whole gamut of skills and teaching is often a missing piece. The school requires a Teacher Librarian. 

  • Collaboration with teachers
  • Understanding the curriculum
  • Interweaving the learning outcomes for students.

 In this age of technology, students often ask, “Why do we need a library as everything is available online”. However, I believe teacher-librarians put in a lot of effort when conducting a class and it is not “Library vs Google”. The impact on student’s mind and learning is far profound than the internet the powerhouse of information, but not wisdom.

Irrespective of having most of the information on the internet Librarian are entitled and supported as:

  • A school leader
  • A program administrator
  • An information navigator
  • A technology facilitator
  • A collaborative teacher and learner and more…

School library is the backbone of any educational institute and its proved by our professionals and rightly quoted by Salman Haider

“Who Needs a Librarian and Cataloger When You Have Google and Internet? Well, Who Needs a Teacher When You Have Wikipedia? And, Who Needs a Doctor When You Have WebMD? 

Just as the Wikipedia Doesn’t Replace the Teacher, and WebMD Doesn’t Replace the Doctor, In the Same Way, Google Search and Internet Doesn’t Replace the Librarian and Cataloger.”  

Library Activities

School library activities involves, the Librarian to innovate and ignite the reading habit and help sustain, grow and flow till all the students become lifelong learners.

Being in a corporate world for 15 years and all of the suddenly moving to an IB professional education was a challenging task. However, the Liferarian group has taught me and help me flourish in my role in a short period and help me grow in a leading position. All members of ‘Liferarian’s Group’, who helped me roll, move and support each other. All fellow liferarian members have made my life worthy, and I hope all the new IB library professionals will gain insight and use this platform to connect and grow. The professionals in this group are supportive and befriending them will inspire you.

– Lata Patil, Librarian.


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    Its a super article which I was thinking about this always librarian gives a way to good path for life lessons which we thinks in mind when childrens enters in library thanks madam thank you very much .

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