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A story set in rural India with wrestling as a theme. The book introduces the wrestler and his diet, and the game. It is also about tackling bullying in an amusing, light-hearted manner. If readers enjoyed the first book, they can read the next book, which is aimed for slightly older readers following the same theme of tackling bullying with cricket as the central theme.

Author: Sanji Jaiswal “Sanjay,” Illustrator: Ajit Narayan, Publisher: Pratham Books, Grade: Beginner Readers, Age: 6 + years, Price: INR 50, Language: English, Theme: Bullying, fun, wrestling

These books are available in multiple Indian and non Indian languages and are available on the Storyweaver portal.

These books are a good start to help students transition and read books in languages other than English because of the simplicity and brevity of words.

Reviewed by Sushweta Saha


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