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Machher Jhol by Richa Jha

Gopu finds his way through the hustle and bustle of a big city independently to get his sick father his favourite fish curry. Follow the illustrations closely for a clever ending. When Gopu’s father (Baba) falls sick, the visually impaired Gopu knows he will have to step out alone. He negotiates the crowds, the markets and the traffic of the city of Calcutta, all by himself, to reach his grandma’s house to get her to cook Baba’s favourite fish curry. Does he succeed in bringing it home to him? In this book, Richa Jha writes as much about the courage of Gopu as she does about the sounds and smells of a bustling metropolis. Sumanta Dey brings alive the city of Calcutta between the covers of this book and makes the readers feel they are walking alongside Gopu. (Amazon)

Author: Richa Jha, Illustrator: Sumanta Dey, Publisher: Pickle Yolk books, Grade: Snr.Kg and up, Age: 5 + years, Price: 350-400/- INR, Language: English, Theme: Food – disability – relationship – Sense of sight –  courage,

Reviewed by Darpana Baria






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