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This is a story about a boy named Maloo and his dog, Kaloo. One day they visited their nani’s house, which was in the hills. They were so excited to meet Granny. As soon as they entered the house, Granny told them about strange sounds coming into her house. They decided to hunt for the thief. Maloo took his detective bag and took out a long stick to mark the way. At the end, Kaloo found some footprints of a bear that came to visit Granny’s garden in search of honey. They told Granny about the thief, “Bhaloo.”

Author: Vinita Krishna, Illustrated by Suvidha Mistry, Publisher: Pratham books, Price: 30/-, Age: 4-5 years , Tags: Animal-Human relationships, a detective story, nature love, Family , help, initiative

Reviewed by Tarannum Athar


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