The heart of a library program is to provide support through a variety of sources nurturing students in becoming lifelong learners. Information is now available in all forms from print, media, and digital format, therefore, the librarian’s role is multi-faceted and needs to have the necessary tech skills. To support learners, the librarian will need to have the right attitude, pedagogical understanding of teaching and supporting students in acquiring the right information, through responsible online research, while teaching them to evaluate, apply and create ideas and products that are rigorous and meaningful.

It is therefore important to shape our students to become ethical users of information and media in a technology-infused world, where students are taught to use, cite sources and examine information and media responsibly. Through the school program, librarians goal is to use a variety of technology tools appropriately to meet the needs of the learning outcomes.

As a library media specialist, it is important to build students’ information and media skills to help them navigate the world online. Collaboration with teachers is an essential part of integrating technology tools in a meaningful way. “Digital Citizenship is character education in a networked world.“- Media Smarts.