The secondary school studies are the foundation for higher studies and the starting point of preparing students for the future. During these years, the curriculums often introduce skills and knowledge through project work and research to build student knowledge of the real world. Usually, the topics range from their real-life situations to areas of interest to issues that are locally and/or globally related. During this time, students are encouraged to construct in-depth knowledge and concepts through self-directed initiations.

As librarians, our role is to provide a plethora of resources to nurture their learning while instilling in them the confidence, passion, and understanding of cultures and the world around them through stories and research.

As Gene Luen Yang says, “Creativity requires input, and that’s what research is. You’re gathering material with which to build“. Collaboration with researchers and educators is an essential element. The librarian’s role in schools is to build and curate resources both print and digital resources while teaching the students the necessary research skills, academic honesty, and preparing them to become meta-literate.