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No Smiles Today

Author Cheryl Rao; Illustrated by Saurabh Pandey is about – No Smiles Today is a short story about a girl named Shanti, who was very bubbly. She used to play with all her friends happily, until one day she became sad. Everyone wanted to know the reason behind her sadness, but she did not tell anyone about it. Her friends tried everything to make her happy, and finally, one of her classmates, Arun, took a frog from his bag and tossed it in the sky. While she was catching it, she realised that it was a frog. Finally, she laughed and laughed and laughed, and everyone saw her four broken teeth.

Tags: Growing Up, Friendship, Publisher Pratham, Price Rs. 30/-,  Age group: 5- 10 years.

Reviewed by Tarannum Athar






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