Library management is an integral part of a librarians role. It starts with the organization of the physical space, creating an ambiance of learning, comfort, and flexibility. As Jodi Rell quotes, “Our libraries are valuable centers of education, learning, and enrichment for people of all ages. In recent years, libraries have taken on an increasingly important role. Today’s libraries are about much more than books“.

Library management encompasses managerial tasks, maintaining, automated library software as well as the development of a collection that recognizes intellectual freedom, opportunities for event planning, and publication.

Besides maintaining the physical library space, it is equally essential to create an eLibrary site, providing the educational community a platform to access and use the eResources available to them. Collaborating with Technology Specialists can offer a plethora of resources to support the learning community.

As librarians, we can create a space which empowers, ignites their curiosity and create a safe space for students to explore, wonder, observe and learn.