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Library Learning Centres
A Teacher Librarian does many tasks in a Library regularly.
Some of them, to name a few, are as follows.
Reading to the children
Help the students to choose books
Support in Research
Collaborate with the teachers
Teach Information Literacy skills
Identify and organize the resources needed for the Curriculum
Website evaluation
Make Library policies, Library budgets
Promote Library resources by conducting Library day and regular D.E.A.R time
Regular updating of resources – electronic and print.
Issue and Return books
Conduct Library Activities for the students

We are going to focus on the last listed one – Conduct Library Activities.
There is no dearth of Library Activities on Pinterest and the internet. But if you are short staffed (or the only staff!) and you do not have time, there are still ways to get the students busy with Activities. All Librarians use their creative ways to find time for all kinds of activities for the students.

Library Learning Centres are an effective way to do Library Activities. The rule of thumb is “Do not disturb those who are already reading” unless you want to teach them citations usage of the dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, etc., make Bibliographies, etc.

You can use a corner in the Library for Library Learning Centres and display the following.

Library worksheets
Question of the week
Book report sheets
Cootie catchers (for identifying Fairy tales, Fiction and Non-fiction, Genres,
Classification, parts of the book, etc.)
Quiz cards
And more…
While you are busy with the issuing and helping a student or a teacher, the other students will be learning alongside
Warning: The Library may not be a quiet place but it will be a “happening” place.

– Sunitha Muralidharan.


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