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Padma shares a special bond with Bumboo. He plays an important role in supporting the family by helping them with their daily chores. Over the period, Bumboo finds it difficult to keep pace with his work as darkness fall. What could be the possibility for such discomfort?
Find out about Bumboo and his relationship with Padma and her family through this heart-touching story, set in the picturesque landscapes of Ladakh. 

Author : Sujata Padmanabhan, Illustrator: Madhuvanti Anantharajan, Publisher: Eklavya, Grade: Grade 1 and above, Age: 6+ years, Language: English, Hindi, Subject headingAnimals, Donkey, Pets, Domestic animals, mountain animals, family life, Night blindness, sick animals, animal care, Huma-animal relationship, Interdependence, Genre: Realistic

Reviewed by Darpana Baria


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