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It has been four years since I began my journey with the Oberoi International school. I started teaching in the nursery as an Intern, where I was clueless about what the program had to offer. But I had the desire to learn and prove that I could be good at this. I had a lot of opportunities to learn from my colleagues. There were days when I used to observe and take down notes of the students’ behavior and how they are learning and improving. There were days where I could take up some parts of a session during the class hours. There were also days when I was only given a task to take care of a child or take pictures for the learning stories. This gave me the internal motivation to grow as a teacher.

After a year, I was promoted from being just an intern to being an assistant teacher, where I was given an equal opportunity to manage a class like my co-teacher. That gave me the confidence in communicating and interacting with children. Usually, my role was to help with a smooth transition from one class to another, especially when visiting the library. I would help children when they had to issue a book which they liked. I enjoyed reading to them after the library class ended, and we had extra time to do a little additional reading. The children enjoyed it too. During the day, my responsibility as an early years teacher was to ensure that smooth transition happens during class time to snack time or specialists like music, physical education, and library. The first two years, I had a shot at learning immensely from my colleagues, which was fun and memorable.

After three years of working closely with the Nursery, I wanted to try something new. So, I decided to work in the library. I became a library literacy teacher. This was entirely new for me, so I started attending webinars and classes of a library teacher -Ms. Sushma. This year has been enjoyable and with enjoyment comes learning. I began teaching Senior KG and Grade 1, which was utterly new to me, and I was nervous about how it would be like. It was challenging initially, but after class, I made sure I had new ways and new exciting stories for my students. I learned the different platforms where books are made available for children to read. I was allowed to handle and control the class independently.

As a library teacher, I also learned and explored different digital platforms like Destiny discover, Epic, Tumble books. I also worked a lot on my modulation and expressing myself to engage my students. This year as everything was online, we decided to have a hive blog to help the parents understand how the library works. This year has changed my perspective on teaching and learning.

By Anjini Mehra

Oberoi International School – JVLR Campus


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